Move the white square to defeat the enemy colours. Kill enough colours and you level up.
The full VB6 source code is available with each download for amature developers to see how it's done, and also to add their own graphics to the map, player and enemy objects.


Version Alpha 1.3 - Okay, so 1.2 wasn't as final as I planned. Say hello to the real-final version with a new "End Boss", a "Win" screen and some cleaned up text. This is the REAL final version of the Alpha Series.

Version Alpha 1.2 - This is the pre-final release from the Alpha stages. The graphics are fully customisable, there are more instructions and the battle screen has been improved.

Version Alpha 1.1 - This is the basic release. The code has been cleaned up and instructions have been added. The main game rules are all in place but there's still some customisable options to implement and some game-tweaking to play with.

Version Alpha 1.0 - This is the preview release. It's working and the map is already customisable, but the code is a mess.

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