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What's New? Demon's Winter maps

Demon's Winter Maps 10MB Paint.Net format [February 2023]
Demons Winter Maps
The complete set of pixel maps I created for the game Demon's Winter, from the MS DOS days of gaming. (Avaiable on
Made entirely by taking screenshots and cropping & pasting the bits together! It took me 170 hours to complete the game and do the mapping at the same time.

120x Old Fractal Landscape Images [January 2023]
120 old fractal landscape images
This is an old one from back in Windows 95 days. I used a tool named TeraGen to create ray-traced fractal landscapes.
120x jpg images, 95mb zipped file.

Horace and the Spiders [December 2022]
Horace and the Spiders cassette inlay
ZX Spectrum cassette inlay for Horace and the Spiders. My restoration project to rework old scanned images and restore as much of the original quality as possible.

Powershell [December 2022]
Powershell script to download the NuGet package and other files from old HTTPS SSL and TLS layer sites.

Phoenix - Turn Sorting Tool [September 2022]
Phoenix - Turn sorting tool
For the Phoenix PBM game, a tool to sort your plain text email results into folders for each position.
Built for .Net 4.6.1 on Windows 10, 32 bit.
Assumes the files are stored in the same folder as the application, and the filenames start with "Phoenix" and end with ".txt"
Assumes there is only one set of rounded brackets () in the filename, to contain the Position ID.
Moves the files into the first subfolder it finds that has the same Position ID in rounded brackets.
Recursive subfolders are allowed so you can group your positions into Squadron folders etc and this will look for embedded folders to find the position's ID.
If no matching folders can be found, it creates a new folder using the filename of the turn result - including the Turn/Day ID in square brackets.

Phoenix - System Scout Tool [August 2022]
Phoenix - System Scout tool
For the Phoenix PBM game, a tool to generate orders to scan the system rings for asteroids and hidden positions.
Built for .Net 4.6.1 on Windows 10, 32 bit.

Dungeon Master - Game Maps [July 2022]
Dungeon Master - PC Maps
My hand-drawn and inked maps, spell and roster sheets from the Atari ST in 1987, updated after all these years.

Alun's Clock Window, 2021 [September 2021]
Alun's Clock Window
A tiny Window showing the current local time.
Nice and compact to display in the corner of your Internet TV Streaming show!

Dice Stats 2021 [September 2021]
Dice Stats 2021
RPG Dice Statistics analysis and report generation.
See the frequency and dispersal of possible results for up to 9x d4 to d12 Dice types.

Star Date 2021 [July 2021]
Star Date 2021
Convert yoour dates from the common Gregorian Calendar to Sci-Fi style Julian Date formatting.
Great for your Role Playing games, numeric Database formatting and other work-related purposes.

Easy Math [July 2021]
Easy Math
A simple Math test for kids with multiple difficulty levels, includes options for Addition, Subraction, Multiplication, Division and Powers.
As this is for kids I limited the values to Integers only and there are no fractions involved.

Dynamic World Design - Demo 1 [June 2021]
Dynamic World Design, Demo 1
A short example of using lairs to generate wandering creatures on a fantasy game world.
The first example based on my article for Dynamic World Design from June 2013.

Pieces of Eight (v2) [January 2020]
Passes of Eight v2
Create 12 digit passwords using a selection of Upper case, Lower case, Numeric and Special Characters.
If you want the source code, it's really easy to modify the character selection and length of passwords.

25mm Grid sheets .pdn format [May 2019]
A3 and A4 sheet sized templates for 25mm grids. Useful for your tabletop gaming minature maps. The files are in .pdn format (Paint dot Net).

Dungeons & Dragons gaming aid tips [May 2019]
A quick document on some cheap hints for playing fast and simple D&D games that avoids the expense of all those "extras" that you don't really need to buy.
It wasn't long enough for a proper document, and started to look like one of those click-bait websites for "Top ten life hacks for D&D players!" so I'm leaving it as plain text.

MMO Game Balance Article .xps format [April 2019]
MMO Game Balance
Problems and Solutions for a multitude of modern gaming issues based around online MMO style game design.

Stealth Technology [August 2017]
A game development document that I never got around to finishing, explaining the concepts of Stealth, Camoflage and Detection.

Calendar 2017 in Excel.xlsx format [October 2016]

Currency Tier upgrade test [July 2016]
Test Tier
A small test application I made for evaluating the viability of a game option for upgrading low-tier goods into higher tiers for crafting and construction purposes. I wanted to know how many low-tier goods would be needed based on different upgrade ratios over multiple higher tiers. It would have been more efficient to have done this in Excel, but I wanted to try out VB 2015. Source code is included, but its a really tiny program anyway.

Calendar 2016 in Excel.xlsx format [December 2015]

Raspberry Pi via Remote Desktop.xps [February 2015]
Raspberry Pi RDP
Instructions on how to configure a Raspberry Pi to be accessed via Microsoft Remote Desktop, and secure an alternative port number.

Installing SQL Server 2014 Express.xps [January 2015]
SQL 2014 Express
Step-by-step instructions on how to install various versions of SQL Server Express.

Calendar 2015 in Excel.xlsx format [December 2014]

Game Mechanics for Engine Power.xps [November 2014]
Engine Power Mechanics
A companion document to my spaceship rooms list below, explaining the basic principles for fuel, engines and power suitable for many game styles.

Windows - Configuring an RDP port.txt [October 2014]
How to setup a new Remote Desktop port to access your machine from another device.

Windows - Creating an emergency Administrator account.txt [July 2014]
If your Windows user profile is corrupt or locked out, here's how to create a new account to get access to your machine.

Installing SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1.xps [June 2014]
SQL 2012 Express
Installing SQL Server 2012 Express.xps [updated December 2014]
Step-by-step instructions on how to install various versions of SQL Server Express.

Random Millions - Random Number Generator [May 2014]
Random Millions
Create a text file containing a million randomly-assorted numbers. You get exactly 10,000 of every digit (0 to 9), randomly sorted with all identical pairs removed. VB 2012 source code is available on demand.

Minecraft Fireworks crafting guide.xps [May 2014]
Minecraft Fireworks
Instructions on how to create Fireworks recipes in Minecraft.

Minecraft Server - Automatic Land Generation and Mapping.xps [May 2014 - updated]
Minecraft Land Generator
Instructions on how to setup a Minecraft server to pre-generate a large world map and build an overviewer render in a single command. If you're looking for a way to create and view minecraft maps or want to check seed values this is the guide you need.

Spaceship Room list [February 2014]
A list of all the rooms you might find on a giant deep-space vessel. I can't remember who asked for this, but here it is for everybody.

SaboTile [February 2014]
A remake of the ZX Spectrum game Saboteur and fully compliant with the 'it must be crap' regulations, I submitted this for RetroRemakes "One-screen-cassette-50" compilation mini-contest. Written in VB2012. I've got a few little updates to do before I release the source code.

Calendar 2014 in Excel.xlsx format [December 2013]
[2013 Word.docx] [2012 Word.docx]
I got tired of doing the same old Word format, so this time in Excel with some pre-added dates and occasions.

Dynamic World Design Article .xps format [June 2013]
World Dynamics
Designed for multi-player online game worlds. How to create a world that is constantly evolving without relying on players and pre-written quests.

Future Fusion Article .xps format [Early 2012]
Future Fusion Article
I wrote this article back in 2012 intended for RetroFusion but couldn't find anywhere to get it published.

Passes of Eight - Passcode Generator [October 2011]
Passes of Eight
Create 8-character passcodes using a mix of upper-case, lower-case alphabetical characters and numerical values. You don't get the source code yet, but if I get a few requests I'll add some .dll functionality so that you can call this app from your own code and make everything available then.

Diablo II items [March 2011 update]
Uniques, Sets, Runes, Gems, Quest items and lots more for the Diablo 2 Hero Editor. (get the editor at ModDB)
Handy link: Ladder Runewords for single player games. /Players 8

My Big Clock [March 2011]
My Big Clock
The Alarm Clock again. This time it's and the code is included as usual.

Early Warning [February 2011]
Recently re-written for with code included. This is a practical joke application that doesn't appear to do anything. Just let it run in the background (you can see it in Task Manager) and it will pop up some stupid messages at random times, roughly every 4 hours.

Alarm Alert [July 2009]
Alarm Alert
An alarm clock. Windows XP doesn't have one, so I wrote this while waiting for a pizza. VB6 source code included.

World of Rainbow [alpha series/June 2009]
World of Rainbow
A basic game including the VB 6 source code so beginners can see how things work - Kill the coloured enemies to build up your character. Features player-customisable graphics.

WorldMaker Demo [February 2003]
World Maker Demo
Create fantasy world maps. This is just a demo but you can see the map building method at work. VB6 source included.

Balls Up [Feb 2000]
Balls Up
My UK lottery number generator. VB6 but I don't have the source code for this one.

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